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Our team of creative professionals, combining talent and expertise, are ready to take on any challenge to bring your cinematic vision to life.


the top of cinema, videos and African series on demand. Accessible 24 hours a day on all your devices.


Nollywood news available at all times. Watch African nollywood series and movies for free.


DeepBlue Family is the best international program that offers you the opportunity to develop your creative potential.

Global Omongo oma Services

Professional Consulting

Thanks to our highly qualified consultants in this area, you will have better advices to better guide you in your choices in order to carry out your projects

Executive producer

At Omongo Oma you have the opportunity to become an executive film producer just by subscribing to the Premium Partners Pack offer.

Invest in cinema

Invest in film production and get a return on investment of over 25% in six (6) months by subscribing to the Freedom opportunity Pack

Voice doubling

The dubbing and translation of quality African films in our production studios as well as the recording of sounds at your convenience.

Movie distribution

Thanks to our distribution platform as well as to our partners, we guarantee the distribution of your productions on a worldwide scale

Event coverage

Perfectly equipped for event covers with state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee a quality coverage for your events: weddings, birthday, shows …

Become an actor

Do you dream of being an actor ?! Well, that’s possible.
Come and become an actor and become the star you dreamed of.


Order your branded, quality, custom-made clothing and have it delivered to you wherever you are

Promoters and Media Partners

This service offers the possibility of media structures to support us, and to associate their images with our partnership vision to grow together.

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