Invest in cinema

Do you want to invest in cinema? Nothing’s easier! Choose from the formula below the formula that suits you best and you make money in no time.

Freedom opportunity Pack

Freedom opportunity Pack : Here the partner is not taking any known risk. He will advance a minimum of USD 10,000 and we will sign a partnership agreement together.  The sum advanced will be returned with a 25% profit on the expiration of Six months.Premium Partners Pack

Black Diamond  Pack

Black  Diamond  Pack;  This partnership group makes only a 1000 dollars investment deposit with the possibility of earning over 5,000 dollars within the first 10 days of investment. It operates on a first generation network program. A 20% returns is given immediately you introduce a new investor within this group. Now when you get 10 investors within your group, you will instantly be named an executive producer of a new film. You will be entitled to earn 20¨% of the profits from the film and this profit is parmanent as it will be paid to you anytime there are sells and in royalties. You are part owner of an intellectual Property. It is noteworthy that for those that do not want to look for other investors but they just want to make a deposit of 1000 dollars,they are  usually combined  with other investors within this category and a film project is realized on a small buget and the investor is expected to earn 2% profit from this investment and still on long term basis.The beauty of all this is that one will also have the right  to sell your ownership participation anytime you desire.

Premium Partners Pack

Premium Partners Pack.:  Here the partner is expected to pay a minimum of 10, 000 dollars with the possibility of being named executive Producer .  He will have participatory right in the work where he is named executive producer. He is expected to participate fully in the business with the possibility of earning over 50,000 dollars within six months. A registration fee of 200 dollars is required. After registration, a one week training course with us is required wherein  details and modus oparandi of the business will be taught to him and if he is convinced to continue, he will make the required investment deposit of 10K/  Basically what will be taught is our secret distribution network and compensation Plan. Our unique system of distributing movies to guarantee maximum returns and in very practical ways.

Trainings are conducted by Skype for all international investors.


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