Voice doubling

Optimal conditions for all your voiceover recordings

With our recording studios specially configured for voice recording, you must be assured of a quality service for the realization of all your voice and dubbing projects.

Sound engineers at your service!

For the realization of your projects, do you trust for the professionalization of your team? Omongo Oma Our passionate and experienced team advises you to guide you in the artistic direction of the actors and guide you with the smile and enthusiasm of achieving all your voices.

Specially equipped for voiceover recording

With our studios in professional equipment and specially designed for voice recording and dubbing, Omongo Oma realizes tailor-made services for all your projects! Thanks to our powerful equipment, of course, excellent quality of listening in studio and optimal recording conditions!

For all your projects, record in our powerful and colorful voice over studios! Meet our passionate engineers and favorites from the Omongo Oma experience for all your recordings!

The rent of our studios is at $ 51.37 each 04h.

Angré star 14 Cocody, Abidjan/Côte d’Ivoire

+225 2246 5273 / 7408 8757


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