About us

About Us

Omongo Oma investment Limited is a company founded in Nigeria in May 2004 and is also registered in Cote d’Ivoire. We are the forerunners and Pioneers in the translation of Nigerian Movies to French and later to other languages, Our first Nigerian Movie translation “ Audessu de la Loi’ was premiered in Ivorien Cinemas in 2006 where we made a record of over 10,000 ticket sales as far back as this date.In 2008 we championed the first production featuring Nigeria,Ghanian and Ivorien Actors.It is noteworthy that all the Nigerian and Ghanian actors that participated in the movie do not understand French neither do the Ivorien Stars understand English.

In 2011, we became privileged partners with Google and YouTube, and to date we have more than 280,000 subscribers on our youtube channels.
We are currently running an online web page that has been accessible for months. Our online website features films in English, French and local languages. You can reach us here; www.omongotv.com. We are available on Playstore and on the App Store under the name “omongotv”.

Our Vision

The visison is to create a credible and profitable platform where aspiring investors into movie business can be asured of a profitable investment with a very minimum risk factor. Our Primary objective is to encourage independent entrepreneurs and investors to invest in movie production and distribution while being assured of a profitable returns on investment within a specific time. We discovered that Africa is a virgin ground for Movies , we are just about to explore the great potential within the continent in the area of movie production and distribution. As a result of information technology and social media, the world has become smaller and whatever is happening in Europe and America in the area of movies will soon be happening right here in Africa. The profitability of movies within the continent is a major area that is in urgent need of maximum exploitation.

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Professional Consulting

Thanks to our highly qualified consultants in this area, you will have better advices to better guide you in your choices in order to carry out your projects

Valuable Ideas

Yes, because your ideas are precious, we accompany you throughout the realization of your projects

Excellent Timing

Because time is precious in the realization of a project, then we are marked with a point of honor

Budget Friendly

Knowing that 90% of the projects did not go beyond the days for the reasons of financing, we allow ourselves to lead in the realization of your project at unbeatable price.

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